An Unfortunate Lad

The weather in the last week of January 1865 resulted in a covering of deep snow in Wiltshire.

The Marlborough Times of 4 February that year included the following paragraph.

"An Unfortunate Lad.
Edward Breadmore, of Mildenhall, a lad who had just recovered sufficiently from a broken leg to be almost to resume his work, had a severe fall in consequence of the slippery weather and broke this time, his thigh."

Edward was in fact Edmund BREADMORE, the son of Thomas and Mary Ann, born in 1849 at Stitchcombe. He was described in the 1861 census as a ploughboy, but by 1871 he was in Chiswick where he was a Brewers Labourer. He later moved to Hammersmith where he described himself as a drayman in 1879. Edmund died in April 1897 at Hammersmith.

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