Attempted Murder

The Times newspaper of 28 November 1876 reported on an incident regarding an affray between a gamekeeper by the name of Breadmore and a poacher in Berkshire. The Berkshire Chronicle and the Reading Mercury also gave short reports in December.

On 5 January 1877 the Times reported as follows

"MURDER - At the County Police-Court Newbury, yesterday, before Mr Cherry and a full Bench of Magistrates, a respectable looking young man was brought up in custody of superintendent Bennett charged with the attempted murder of William George Bredmore, under gamekeeper in the employ of Colonel Loyd Lindsay, M.P. for Berkshire, at Hampstead Norris on the 25 ult. On the afternoon of the day in question Bredmore heard a gun fired in Fence Wood, an extensive preserve of the Colonel's, and on going in the direction of the sound he heard someone loading a gun. on going still nearer he saw Ivey, who ran off, followed by Bredmore, who fell into a ditch. Getting up, he renewed the chase, and when near Ivey the latter turned round, put his gun to his shoulder, and aimed at Bredmore, who put up his arm to his head, and exclaimed 'Not like that.' Ivey then took a lower aim and fired at Bredmore, the whole of the charge entering his thighs, from which nearly 60 shots were extracted. Ivey escaped, but was apprehended soon afterwards. Bredmore positively swore to Ivey as the man who shot him, and Ivey's boots were found to correspond precisely with the footmarks on the ground where the affray occurred. After a hearing that lasted several hours, the magistrates fully committed Ivey for trial at the next Berks Assizes. The court was crowded during the examination."

The two local papers gave full reports of both the court hearing and the trial, but with the correct spelling of Breadmore! The trial took place at Reading Crown Court on 20 February 1876 and Arthur IVEY, 18, was found guilty of ‘shooting with intent to disable’ and was sentenced to five years penal servitude.

William George BREADMORE was the son of Ann BREADMORE of Brightwalton, and grandson of George BREADMORE and Martha BUXEY. He married Martha BENNETT in July 1867 and they had eleven children, ten of whom survived to adulthood.

William George died in 1922 and was buried at Brightwalton on 8 April that year.

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