Ann BREADMORE was born in the Chute area of Wiltshire about 1795. She married Solomon COOPER at Chertsey on 29 August 1822. There were six known children of the marriage; Joseph 1824, Susanna 1825, William 1835, Thomas 1837, Frank 1840, Abraham 1843.

Ann's son Joseph named his first child Breadmore Samuel COOPER. Other descendants were Harold Breadmore COOPER and Stanley Breadmore COOPER.

Were there any other children of the marriage between Susanna in 1825 and William in 1835?

Who were the parents of Ann?

Solomon died in 1843. Did Ann die at Chertsey in 1858 or 1874?

Are you descended from this family?

Is this the same Solomon COOPER who was a witness of the marriage of Robert WALTER and Hannah BREADMAN, of East Woodhay, on 15 January 1815, at Highclere, Hampshire?

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