Michael BREADMAN or BREADMORE of Ashmansworth

When Leah BREADMAN was baptised at Leckhampstead, Berkshire, in 1817 it was recorded that she was the daughter of Michael and Mary BREADMAN of Leckhampstead, Berkshire, and Ashmansworth, Hampshire.

Michael BREADMAN married Mary PRINCE at Newbury on 5 May 1814.

The family in Ashmansworth are sometimes recorded as BREADMAN and at other times as BREADMORE. Two sons of Michael are recorded for their adult lives as BREADMORE and their descendants continue to use that name. Two daughters Leah and Sally (or Sarah) both gave their name as BREADMORE when they married on 17 October 1840. Leah married at Combe, Hampshire, and Sally at Ashmansworth, where Leah was a witness.

Why was Michael recorded as being of Leckhampstead and Ashmansworth?

Why was 26 year old Michael listed in the Calendar of Prisoners in January 1817, charged with 'leaving his family'? There was no prosecution.

Where was Michael born (about 1791) and who were his parents?

Mary was buried at Ashmansworth in 1844. When and where did Michael die and where is he buried?

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