Louisa BREADMORE married in Bengal

When Louisa BREADMORE married Frank McBRIDE in 1894 in Bengal she was a widow with three sons.

Her first husband was Henry BREADMORE. He died, aged 38, in January 1891 at Fort Pitt Hospital,Chatham, Kent. He was a Sergeant in the 2nd Hampshire Regiment.

Where was Henry born?

When and where were Henry and Louisa married?

Their first son, Thomas Henry, was born in 1882 in Bangalore, another son, William Henry, was born in Chatham, Kent, in 1889 and a third son, Richard, was born in Madras in 1891.

Were there any other children?

Both the older boys married and had children. Thomas Henry died in Eastleigh, Hampshire, in 1927.

When and where did William Henry die?

What happened to Richard? Did he take his stepfather's name?

Are you descended from Henry and Louisa?

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